1.Why should a Xth standard and XIIth standard student join hospitality management?

The hospitality industry  includes hotel & restaurants, travel agents & tour operators, cruise liners, in-flight catering, rail catering and, amusement parks etc. In all the segments of the service industry, the common denominator is implied in the term service. Service is an attitude. In the hospitality service industry, particularly those who join the hotels or restaurants have no other choice, but to develop this attitude of service. 

The hotel industry is acknowledged as the ‘Father of the  Service Industry’.Why ?  It is the only place where raw material comes in, to be processed & packed and consumed by the guest/ client with feedback shared- all under one roof.  
In addition, it is the place with the maximum number of internal customers. For example, a Captain in the  restaurant, is an  internal customer to his  immediate supervisors, team of waiters, the Chefs & cooks, the 
Kitchen stewarding, House-keeping ,  Front Office,  Finance, HR, Security; virtually all the departments in the hotel . In turn he is an internal customer to all. In any other service industry segment, a person , may not have more than two or three internal customers.
Besides on a lighter vein, you do not have to carry your lunch packed from home !
An experience in the service industry, is the foundation for a career in customer care in any industry. As reiterated earlier, Service is an Attitude and the hospitality industry is the best training ground.
Personality development happens every moment on the floor similar to the  military experience in shaping up ‘as an officer & gentleman’ for life.   
Would there be a better industry to choose to make your career?
Contributed by MS Neelakantan- Founder Hospitalitylessons4u.com

2. Why the hotel Industry is unique in very many aspects and referred to as the ‘Father of the Service Industry’

  • It is the only industry serving the basic needs of Man- Food & Shelter.
  • The ‘People’s Industry’- People are the clients, referred to as Guests, People wait on them  – ‘For the People by The People!’
  • The only industry and segment of the service industry where books of accounts are closed for the day at the stroke of midnight. A new folio opened for the next day.
  •  Doors are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. ‘The show must go on’ is practiced here.
  • ‘Father of the Service Industry’ as only in a hotel is the processing of raw materials  to finished goods to sale and consumption with feedback happens under one roof. Unlike in banking, aviation etc.
  • A stint in the hotel industry is the finest foundation for a career in Customer Care in any industry.
  • Besides, personality development keeps happening eveyr moment on the floor.
  • No other industry will have  so many internal customers.  ( For more details log  on to http://hospitalitylessons4u.com/careers-in-hospitality/

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