Howard Gardner’s Eight types of Human Intelligence and Hotel Management

Dr. Howard Gardener, Harvard University Professor and a developmental psychologist developed the Eight Intelligence concept in 1983 .The theory being every human being has one or more ways of learning according to her/ his intelligence.

In this respect a  Hotel management student learns in all the eight methods leading to developing an aptitude.And to choose the department she/he is most apt at.

What are the Eight  human intelligence?

Kinesthetic intelligence– People skilled at using their body; their hands and legs. Anywhere skills are required. Hand Hand & eye coordination with a fine sense of their body awareness.The skills normally associated with those in the Food & Beverage Service, the Kitchens and the House-keeping areas. Using the service spoon & fork to serve, walking with a tray heavy with a  food order; in the kitchens to use the different types of knives and other equipment ,in the housekeeping department  to use equipment, to clean guest  rooms , make beds, be creative with floral arrangements and  make the beds e al.

Spatial Intelligence: Ability to visualize and think in three dimensional  shapes and sizes.Examples being banquet themes by Food & Beverage  Service Staff, buffet counter displays by Chefs, interior decoration themes including soft furnishings in guest rooms and public areas by Housekeepers as well as in designing uniforms.

Mathematical Intelligence: The intelligence to think with reason and logic to solve problems: The ability to think logically and with reasoning as in managing guest complaints by all the Service Staff.

Auditory Intelligence: Intelligence: The ability to learn and work by listening & hearing as well as speaking. Applicable to all  personnel n the hotel.  The intelligence to listen and speak. Primarily related to Oral Communication which  is the main type of communication practiced. A waiter taking an order.  A House-keeping staff listening and ensuring  a guest request. A Room Reservations clerk taking down a reservation. Or a Chef preparing the required order on listening from the waiter.

Linguistic Intelligence Intelligence to listen and understand language as well as to speak and write. Now we all are aware of how much a guest feels at home once we can understand and converse in his language. Again  applicable to all the staff waiting on guests.

Naturalist Intelligence:  To be sensitive to nature and excel at it :  The drive from the main gate to the portico, even in city hotels would be limed with well manicured lawns.  Hotels for aesthetic purposes and for a green touch Hotels a potted plants in the public area.   Restaurant tables normally have a bud vase on the table .  The swimming pool area around which there would be a coffee-shop/ restaurant would  usually be encircled by a manicured lawn. A water body and lawns in close proximity.  It is but natural staff develop a naturalist intelligence.

Intra-personal Intelligence: Intelligence to be aware of self, emotions, motivation , goals etc.This is a must as  the hotel is a ‘people industry’ and all the staff must have fine intra-personal intelligence and keep developing it with the period of time. Team-members are people, other department members are people and of course guests too.

Interpersonal Intelligence: Intelligence to understand the other.: The hotel is the place where the guest comes for his basic needs of food & shelter. The hotel staff have to have this intelligence not just to interact with the guest but to interact with their team members, their colleagues in the other departments with whom they have to coordinate regularly. A fine example would be of a front office clerk who has to, on registering a guest coordinates with Room  Service, House-keeping and other Food & Beverage Outlets. Also internally within the Front Office Department itself with the  Billing section and the Reservations department. This sort of interpersonal interactions are frequent and not just restricted to arrivals, departures and reservations.



Why Hotel Industry is referred to as the ‘father of the Service Industry’

WHY The hotel Industry is unique in very many aspects and referred to as the ‘Father of the Service Industry’

  • It is the only industry serving the basic needs of Man- Food & Shelter.
  • The ‘People’s Industry’- People are the clients, referred to as Guests, People wait on them  – ‘For the People by The People!’
  • The only industry and segment of the service industry where books of accounts are closed for the day at the stroke of midnight. A new folio opened for the next day.
  •  Doors are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. ‘The show must go on’ is practiced here.
  • ‘Father of the Service Industry’ as only in a hotel is the processing to finished goods to sale and consumption happens under one roof. Unlike in banking, aviation….

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